Mark Blacknell
Mark Blacknell is an Arlington resident and cyclist.  Looking for options beyond sitting on the Roosevelt Bridge during rush hour, he bought a bike to ride to Foggy Bottom in 1997.  Since then, he's made the slow and steady progression over the years to cycling as his primary means of transportation (ending up with a house full of bikes in the process).  Deciding to move beyond the personal evangelization of cycling and get more involved in advocating for improved infrastructure and conditions, he joined the Arlington Bicycle Advisory Committee (ABAC).  As ABAC chair, he has worked to encourage Arlington County to promote a broad public agenda of facilitating safe cycling for everyone in Arlington.  While personally a vehicular cyclist, he's a supporter of bike facilities that accommodate all kinds of riders.  Off the bike, he's a DC lawyer whose practice focuses primarily on media and communications clients.  When not representing clients, he pursues his interests in travel and photography.  In a happy combination of everything, he regularly shoots pro cycling races for a variety of outlets.   
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