Saying Goodbye As Summer Begins

Last day of school brings cheers and tears.

The last day of school has the same kind of jittery excitement as the first day of school or the day before Christmas.

Tuesday was the last day of school for Reston-area Fairfax County Public Schools. It was a day to collect art projects and reports card, sign yearbooks and promise to keep in touch. Teachers received lots of hugs and cards and handmade presents.

At Lake Anne Elementary, the out-going sixth-grade students paraded through the school in the annual “hat walk”, wearing their creative mortar boards.  The younger students gave their retiring principal, Linda Hajj, a sendoff with all kinds of suggestions on what to do during her retirement.

As the busses arrived, and the day was officially over, a few tears were shed, but followed quickly by shouts of “See you at the pool!”

Summer in Reston has officially begun.


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