Coach's Corner: Washington-Lee Hosts Wakefield at Homecoming

Generals (2-2) play the Warriors (0-4) tonight.

After four hard weeks, the Wakefield High School Warriors will play Washington-Lee on Friday at the Generals' homecoming game.

Wakefield is 0-4 so far this season, but the team has been getting better each week, Assistant Head Coach Mike Warden said.

"Those guys are really good. They're coached well. We've been watching them on film, and they're a very impressive team. It's going to be their homecoming, so it'll be an emotionally full night. It'll be tough," Warden said.

"We've got to put all that stuff aside. We know they're coming ready to play. So we've got to come ready to play, too. And we've shown improvement each week. So, we play as hard as we can."

Wakefield Quarterback Zain Khokhar "has been shaping up quite nicely," finding his rhythm and throwing more passes to the team's returning star, Khory Moore, Warden said.

Washington-Lee is 2-2 so far this season. They head into tonight's game fresh off of last week's 41-20 win over Mount Vernon.

"It's a big rival game, because these kids grew up together. They're all in the same county," Washington-Lee Coach Josh Shapiro said.

"The focus here is just that: Staying focused… All during the homecoming festivities and celebrations, maintaining our focus and a commitment to playing well. That's really what we've been concentrating on this week."

This story has been updated to include Shapiro's comments.


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