Moran: No Plans to Abandon Obama in Re-Election Bid

Congressman: President is doing 'a good job.'

U.S. Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., has no plans to abandon President Barack Obama next year as both seek re-election to their respective offices.

"I'm not," Moran said . "I think President Obama is doing a good job under challenging circumstances."

Moran added: "He has a majority in the House of Representatives that would rather see him fail than the country succeed."

Moran's comments contribute to the epilogue of this year's state and local elections -- a year in which some Virginia Democrats distanced themselves from or were blatantly critical of the president. Still, Republicans were successful in wresting outright control of the state General Assembly from Democrats.

The 2011 races were seen by both parties as a prelude to next year's big contests for the White House -- where Virginia is seen as a swing state -- and the U.S. House and Senate.

"Each race and candidate have their own particular circumstances, but as we approach 2012 and the issues become clear, and the differences between Democrats and Republicans, you will see a closer relationship between the president and Democratic candidates," said Brian Moran, the congressman's brother and chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia, in a phone interview.

"Virginia is a battleground state, and as frequently as the president wants to come here, he's welcome."

Former Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine recently told the Virginian-Pilot editorial board he's "not backing off an inch" in his support for Obama. Kaine is seeking the seat currently held by U.S. Sen. Jim Webb, who is not running for re-election.

Kaine has been tied to Obama since 2005, and some political observers say he has no choice but to continue backing the president, the Pilot reported.

And Kaine is running statewide.

Jim Moran is running in Northern Virginia, an area known to be reliably blue -- and an area that's likely important to the Obama campaign.

The president's Organizing for America campaign held at least three voter registration drives in Arlington this summer. And the Obama campaign held a two-hour planning session in Arlington on Saturday at a supporter's home on South Pollard Street.

Jim Moran said Northern Virginia was more reflective of the D.C. metro area than the rest of the state.

"We'd all be better off if they took the Virginia and Maryland suburbs and made them part of the district," he said. "But that's not going to happen, so we're dependent on what happens in Richmond."

Republican for Moran's seat. It's unclear if the congressman will face any Democratic primary opposition.

This article has been updated to include comments from state Democratic Party Chairman Brian Moran.

Will Radle January 11, 2012 at 02:32 AM
I proudly support the re-election of President Obama and stand to serve Virginians calling our 8th congressional district home. Thank you for your consideration. We do not need to abandon our Virginia. We are the cradle of our great nation. A. Will Radle, Jr. Creating a Culture of Listening Will@VA8.com
Skip Endale March 01, 2012 at 04:31 PM
Hail to the chief. You have to appreciate Jim for stepping forward and acknowledging the president's many accomplishments in making the world a better place. It takes a lot of guts to do this in today's political climate.
Will Radle March 01, 2012 at 10:43 PM
He still has yet to explain why he said, “I don’t know where the f*** Obama is on this or anything else. They’re AWOL.” in an interview with The Hill newspaper. You can read Moran's disparaging remarks toward President Obama here: http://thehill.com/homenews/house/133039-dems-show-signs-of-abandoning-obama-after-frustration-with-tax-deal Really? He doesn't know where the President is on anything. Anything? Frankly, I would do a much better job than Jim Moran at persuading Swing Voters and Republicans to support the President. Skip, thank you for your strong support of President Obama throughout his service to our great nation. Thank you. A. Will Radle, Jr. Democratic VA8 Candidate www.VA8.com
Will Radle November 07, 2012 at 05:57 AM
We are proud to stand with President Obama on this momentous victory. As I predicted in January, President Obama has won victory in Virginia and across our nation. Thank you, Virginia! A. Will Radle, Jr.


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