Arlington Transit Bus Undergoing Maintenance After Crash

No injuries.

Arlington County photo
Arlington County photo
An Arlington Transit (ART) bus, ART 75, crashed Monday night after a "check engine" light prompted the driver to pull over and remove the passengers, according to a news release from Arlington County.

The bus experienced a problem indicated by the check engine light, at S. Dinwiddie Street and 7th Road South in Arlington. After parking the bus and removing the passengers, the bus rolled backward and crashed against a tree on the opposite curb before rolling onto its side and coming to a rest.

There were no injuries, or damage to property other than the bus and a tree.

At this time, the cause of the check engine light has not been determined. Arlington County’s ART operations and maintenance contractor, National Express, is conducting a thorough maintenance and safety investigation to determine the cause and possible remedies. 

The NABI buses receive routine preventative maintenance and inspections every 6,000 miles.


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