Security Cameras Coming to a Street Near You

The Citizens Association of Georgetown is installing security cameras in residential areas as part of a public safety program.

Georgetown residents will have one more tool in their crime-deterring arsenal this week as new security cameras pop up on residential streets throughout the neighborhood. The cameras are part of the Citizens Association of Georgetown's (CAG) expanded public safety program.

CAG President Jennifer Altemus notified neighbors of the upcoming installations in a recent email.

"We hope that the presence of these cameras will act as a deterrent to crime and assist the Metropolitan Police Department with criminal investigations," wrote Altemus.

The cameras will initially be installed in "gateway" areas that provide access to and from Georgetown, but CAG hopes to expand to more locations later this year.

Georgetowner Bill Dean, CEO of M.C. Dean, Inc., donated cameras for the pilot program, but CAG is seeking funding assistance to pay for future additions.

"Running the Public Safety Program is expensive, but if we all share the financial responsibility at the highest level each household can afford, we will be able to sustain this comprehensive program," wrote Altemus. Donations are tax deductible and can be made through the CAG website www.cagtown.org.

RNM August 20, 2012 at 02:14 PM
Welcome to the total surveillance police state. This is another reason why I mock the CAG and its never ending scare tactics as fundraising. First it was the pointless, over priced and frankly at times annoying CAG security patrol that would on occasion just sleep in his car leaving the lights blindingly coming in my windows. Now it is this camera system which has no deterrence effect. At best on may be able to identify a suspect after an incident. All in a very safe area of town...in a city where crime is markedly down over the years. Fear sells. Scare the people enough and you can get them to do or accept anything. I look forward to reading about where these cameras are going up and adding more businesses that support this silliness to my do not patronize list. I added Martin's Tavern when I heard they were going to put a camera up a few years ago and will never set foot in it again.


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