Gallagher’s Beer Guide: A Craft Beer and Food Pairing iPhone App

Keeping track of what beers you like and trying something new can be a daunting task at a cool bar that specializes in craft beer selections. But worry no more. Download Gallagher’s Beer Guide iPhone app and start experimenting.

Gallagher’s Beer Guide iPhone app is a convenient tool for the beer drinker's smart phone.

Craft beer hunters looking for flavor profiles beyond the usual mass-market taps will discover a superb range of exciting and delicious craft beer offerings that amateurs or connoisseurs with sophisticated palates will appreciate.

This 99-cent beer guide is delightfully easy to use – cutting edge, yet unpretentious. Suggestions are based on what style of beer you like, the flavors you want to explore or the food parings you want to compliment.

Gallagher’s Beer Guide has received a lot of good press and even splashed to the top of the iTunes store as a No. 1 pick. It's featured on the "What's Hot" iTunes list and recently was the No. 1 app in the reference category.

This mobile application is organized with an easy-to-navigate layout that guides you through a few simple categories: styles, beers, food and flavors. 

It sports a versatile notes section that allows you to instantly record characteristics of beers you have tasted and pared. It will cement you as craft beer bon vivant in a matter of seconds.

There seems to be no wrong turns with this app that might frustrate you. It is a tutor and a road map, the best app yet for the craft beer scene.

Local creator Rich Gallagher has enabled a friendly interactive platform for customers.

“I decided to build a beer guide that makes entering the world of craft beer less intimidating for the average consumer. I thought this guide could be a bridge between beer enthusiasts and average beer consumers to push craft beers further into the mainstream,” he said.

“By defining a beer’s flavor profile, users can discover new beers that they would likely enjoy.”

The styles section categorizes many types of beer into short list. Whether you’re pale lager fan or prefer a Belgian-style brew, you’ll find no shortage of beers you might enjoy. The flavors file suggests savory palate pleasers based on the spectrum of flavors you like.

Adventurous foodies who want to discover new ways to enhance a meal with a suitable craft beer pairing will appreciate the food section of Gallagher’s Beer Guide.

It gives you beer and food pairing recommendations in seconds. There is also a clever beer/wine flavor equivalency feature that lets you pair craft beers to corresponding wine styles.

Gallagher also created Democracy's Drink to serve as an online community for craft beer enthusiasts. The site has some of the top beer bloggers on the Internet as members, as well as interesting content creators such as Beer Tap TV. Gallagher also owns a small share in Twin Lakes Brewing Company in Delaware.

Whether you are a clued-in craft beer drinker or just want a quick look-up to highlight your culinary experiences, Gallagher’s Beer Guide has a rightful place at your apps table.

You might find a new favorite, and the next time you go into a bar with your friend who knows it all, you can offer them a suggestion. You can even email them your review. Armed with this must-have download, you can get out there and amaze people.

Emily August 30, 2011 at 07:55 AM
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