Carpool: A Sports Bar

Come to Carpool expecting excitement, not elegance.

Carpool is a sports bar … and they’re not afraid to show it.

Walking into Carpool, you will likely be struck by two glaring aspects: their large flat screen televisions and the amount of space that is dedicated to games such as pool and shuffleboard. Whether you are there to watch a game or play a game, you have clearly come to the right place.

The great thing about a sports bar is that, since it’s all about games, there is a fun, whimsical feel to the place. This is a restaurant where playing arcade games and darts next to the diners is the norm. Garage doors open up to create a rugged outdoorsy feel in the summertime. And if the garage doors aren’t enough to make you feel like you are hanging out in your bachelor neighbor’s makeshift man cave, the plentiful automobile paraphernalia ought to hammer home the ambience.

Good times are had by all in this carport of fun if the loud laughter heard from a block away is any indicator. Yelling at the referees on TV or striking up an argument about a table scratch by the pool table isn’t considered socially taboo, so the noise of music in the background is pretty steadily drowned out.

The only time you are going to see a frown on a patron’s face at Carpool is if they are dining. It can be hard to focus on your meal when the guy to your right is screaming profanities at the TV and to your left there are the steady traffic noises of Fairfax Drive. It is even more difficult to enjoy your meal if you have been waiting ten minutes to get your server’s attention because they forgot an important part of your order.

Carpool is a sports bar … not a restaurant. While half price burger Tuesdays may make it worth your while to go ahead and eat in a sports bar, just don’t expect the mood of the space to change along with your mood. Dining, Dating, Darts, and Drinking all surround sports and slacking off in this neighborhood joint, so bring your jersey and your betting wages, and leave behind any expectations of elegance. 


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