A Followup on Bicycling

Author's Response to Comments on the Bicycling Post.

WOW. Didn't see that one coming... I'm not gonna lie to you, I look twice over my shoulder when I leave the house! I want to respond to some things that have come up in the comments of my , and establish some things that must have gone over people's heads the first time.

1. I am a blogger on Patch. When I write, I'm writing about my experiences, my opinions and my thoughts. Patch is a site awesome enough to encourage blogging and opinions, and so I started with Patch in an effort to get more (any?) visibility for my writing. This was an opinion that was published, and shame on you if you suggested that Ballston Patch did anything but promote a variety of opinions. I love to write, and I write a certain way because that's my own sense of humor. I do not take myself all that seriously, and as we say in college, "sorry I'm not sorry." For those who frown on my use of "hate:" look, it's the same as me "hating" getting sand in my ear at the beach. That's how I talk, that's how I write. I'm not going to excuse myself or apologize for it.

2. For those who have wagged their finger at my being "flippant" about life and death, or "ignorant," or my personal favorite "ugly and damaged" I honestly hope you have a better day. I am certainly not any of those things, however I will respect your opinion if by whatever means you have arrived at that conclusion.

3. I do not run bikers over, I don't *actually* try and scare them, and I do not endanger their lives. I wouldn't even know how to rev the engine if I tried. I have however been hit by a rogue biker on more than one occasion. I get quietly frustrated in the privacy of my own car, but never in my life have I done anything as a vehicle that has affected a biker.

4. Seriously, thank you for the biking offers, I personally just don't find it enjoyable. I used to when I was younger, but the appeal just faded and that's okay.

5. This WAS clearly satire from where I stand. Secondarily to this, for all of you that saw me as "attention whoring" or whatever that comment was about making out with my friend in a bar, THAT WAS HILARIOUS. I really did chuckle, and see the humor. But I challenge you to find me one blogger who does not want attention for their work, do not fault me for that.

6. I guarantee you that all the people who were actually upset with me about my post, aren't the people I'm talking about. If you are that into biking, you probably aren't making the annoying mistakes that I'm talking about, like illegally weaving in and out of traffic, leisurely cycling significantly below the flow of traffic, and the like.

7. I'm going to continue writing the way I do, it will probably evolve yes, but I will always find dry humor and "flippancy" hysterical. Oh well.

8. I'd like anyone who has something substantive that they would like me to respond to, I encourage you to post it in these comments. If you simply have more she-devil quips, keep them centralized on the if you would.

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Thats what she said July 15, 2011 at 09:16 PM
"All people brake laws -- when cars do it, they are better at killing people than cyclists" aside from your over generalization fallacy, you fail to realize that when cyclists break laws, as they often do, they are quite good at killing themselves. Now, that is ignorant.
Thats what she said July 15, 2011 at 09:22 PM
Nice non-retort. Guess you know a lot about losing arguments. Convince me that you are part of a segment of people similar to a religion, race, or credo that is clearly definable and persecuted for your alliance with said group.
Thats what she said July 15, 2011 at 09:38 PM
SB, your foaming rage bleeds through my screen. "lack of compassion and intolerance is unacceptable and will meet with consequences" Take a step back and just let your kids breathe. They probably already hate you as it is. You aren't even a cyclist and you can't resist writing walls of text on something that doesn't pertain to you. Oh, you're an internet crusader here to stamp out "hate-mongering". More LOLs. Keep trying to change the world one patch op-ed at a time Sisyphus.
Crickey7 July 15, 2011 at 09:44 PM
I don't say I am any more than attractive young white women would say they are. Yet both "groups", for want of a better word, would find certain things offensive if directed at them. And would say so, vocally. And yes, I have learned much from your sad example about losing arguments.
Rick Hudson July 19, 2011 at 03:28 PM
Sounds like Philly has the right idea... educate and enforce the laws on the cyclists!!! http://articles.philly.com/2011-07-18/news/29786981_1_bike-patrols-bike-messenger-equal-rights


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