Nearly $9,000 Donated to Arlington Animal Shelter in Honor of 'Arrow'

Arrow was found near Ballston; he lost an eye after shotgun pellets lodged in his head.

Arrow (right) enjoys his new home with several cats. Photo courtesy of AWLA
Arrow (right) enjoys his new home with several cats. Photo courtesy of AWLA
(Editor's note: The following is a letter sent to supporters of the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.)

When he arrived at the shelter, the orange tabby cat was on death's door — blind, sick, cold and scared. And, the worst was yet to be discovered. From head to tail, he was full of shotgun pellets. 

He arrived with no name, no identification, and no way to tell us who had committed this unthinkable act of animal cruelty. While the 80+ shotgun pellets that riddled his body stole his vision, they didn't break his spirit. In the days ahead, he would receive a new name — Arrow— and, perhaps, for the first time, experience human kindness and care that would transform his life.   

Shock rippled through the community and across the country as news that someone had used this beautiful animal for target practice went viral. And, then something amazing happened. In the wake of something so horrific, Arrow's goodness brought out the very best in people. 

Just as he captured our hearts, he inspired others. Caring individuals from coast to coast and as far away as the UK took action. To date, we have received almost $9,000 in donations to our Care and Transform (CAT) capital campaign in honor of Arrow.    

Through your generosity, kindness and good wishes, Arrow received the care and medical attention he needed from our staff and volunteers. Thanks to you, just two months after his arrival, Arrow is in his new home.

The goal of the CAT Campaign is to create a world-class facility that will improve the intake and quality of life for homeless cats and small companion animals served by the League. In response to your outpouring of support, AWLA is committed to raising $30,000 to dedicate the intake room in honor of Arrow and all of the homeless cats like him who come to AWLA often needing medical attention and a new beginning.  

Today, we are just $21,000 from our goal. In honor of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, please help us to continue to transform the lives of other animals by making a tax-deductible donation today. Donate! 

Washington area cyclist April 05, 2014 at 01:56 PM
The Animal Welfare League neutered this poor creature. As a tomcat, he certainly does not appreciate this. The League has not yet recognized that neutering male cats does nothing to reduce the feral cat population. One male cat can impregnate many females. When the Animal Welfare League neuters a male cat, the League only assures that another male will increase his reproductive success. The feral cat population will not decrease. The Animal Welfare League therefore inflicted extreme cruelty on this poor cat, while reaping donations from a gullible public. In actuality, the cat and his unconceived progeny will suffer the consequences of his unfortunate encounter with the League.


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