Metro Rolls Out 'Rush Plus'

'Rush Plus' expands service during rush hour starting Monday

Metro debuted its new rush hour program, "Rush Plus," on Monday during rush hours on the Green, Yellow, Blue and Orange lines.

For Arlingtonians who rely on the Blue and Orange Lines, these changes will mean more frequent trains for Orange Line riders and longer waits for Blue Line customers.

Rush Plus "is designed to ease crowding, improve the commuting experience for Metrorail riders on the Orange, Blue, Green and Yellow lines, and prepare for the future Silver Line," according to the metro press release about the changes.

Expanded service will result in 18 new Orange Line trains during rush hour. The increased service will impact 21 stations, to include Foggy Bottom and Rosslyn.

Though the same number of trains will travel through Foggy Bottom and Rosslyn, there will be more Orange Line trains and fewer Blue Line trains.

During every hour of rush hour from these two stations near Georgetown, you can expect the following, according to the metro website:

• 3 more Orange Line trains to Vienna
• 3 more Orange Line trains to Largo Town Center (not New Carrollton).
• 3 fewer Blue Line trains will operate in each direction. Some customers may wait up to six additional minutes for a Blue Line train. Bus service options also are available between Crystal City and Rosslyn.

Metro estimates that the six additional Orange Line trains each hour will impact 46,000 Orange Line customers.


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