Arlington County Creates Online PLACE

The site is live now.

An online forum created for Arlington residents looks to create a virtual place to connect with the community.

The community called PLACE Space is “aimed at encouraging civic conversations and facilitating community connections,” according to a press release from Arlington County.

“PLACE Space is a virtual town square,” Arlington County Board Chair Mary Hynes said in a statement. “We hope that it encourages lots of interesting conversations about issues and connects people, organizations and businesses across the County.”

The site was created as part of the county’s .

To participate in conversations or join a circle of interest, users need to take a few seconds to create a profile. The site also offers a community calendar, a community directory of Arlington organizations and individuals, and a map where you can “pin” your location so others know if you’re a near-by neighbor.

Visit PLACE Space online to find out more.

Don August 19, 2012 at 12:14 PM
Another Nanny Non-Profit. We are overwhelmed with them. Pave my street, you turkeys.Enough of the do-nothing Arlington Way.


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