Store Promises One-Stop-Shop for Triathletes

Tri360 opens in September.

Arlington triathlete Kate Atkisson was frustrated at having to stop at multiple stores to purchase all she needs for her sport, so she figured why not make her own. 

“Given that D.C. has such a lively triathlon community, I wondered why that happened here yet,” Kate Atkisson said.

She brought the idea for Tri360 to her husband, Blaine Atkisson and friend Darrin Misiera. Her husband had a financial background, and Misiera had experience in sporting goods retail.

“We’ve been a solid team so far,” Misiera said.

They found the space for the 4,000-square-foot Tri360 store on 2121 N. Westmoreland St. earlier this year. The store is going through the final permitting process with Arlington County and is expected to open in early September.

They envisioned a space that owners describe as a cross between Lululemon and the Apple Store.

“We wanted it to have that same feel,” Misiera said.

The open-concept design features a service area where customers can watch their bikes being worked on and chat with employees. Customers will also get receipts via email.

Bikes hang from the ceiling, but the store also sells a variety of women’s athletic equipment including wetsuits, running shoes, helmets, and more.

“Most stores are set up with 80 percent bikes and 20 percent accessories,” Blaine Atkisson said. “We’ve flipped that mold.”

Brands that the company sells include SOAS Racing, which designs clothes specifically with women triathletes in mind.

“Myself being a women in the sport, I really believe in lines that are made for women for women,” Kate Atkisson said.

Bikes the store will sell are Orbea, Felt, Ridley, and Argon 18. Prices range from $600 to just under $10,000.

“There are people who are competitive enough that they will want this,” Blaine Atkisson said.

When the store opens in the next few weeks, store owners are planning to have representatives from a few of the bike and clothing manufacturers to showcase their brands. Freebies will be given out to customers.


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