Rabbit Salad & Grill

Not just serving carrots.

The sign grabs your attention right away: a happy rabbit zooming along in a little carrot car. The sign reads, “slow food fast.” As a foodie who is sometimes in a hurry, my eyes widened and my mouth watered at the opportunity this tag line offered. I had to find out what was going to make me feel so great that I, too, may feel like I could fly away in an orange tuber vegetable. What is so heavenly about this place?

The answer is, just about everything.

Gorgeous, leafy Chef Salads abound, including a “The Rabbit” dressed in a carrot top pesto, and a beet salad full of color, fragrance and luscious goat cheese. Or go for the classic Tuna Nicoise an interesting combination of Peach and Prosciutto. Salads are $10.50.

Their Rabbit Sandwich Plates, also at $10.50, include jazzed up versions of traditional sandwiches. Try a Cuban with braised pork shoulder, Dijon aioli, and mozzarella. “Vegetable Love” is for all you veggie-lovers out there (obviously!) and they even squeeze in a little pineapple for sweetness.  Steak, chicken, and tuna also grace the menu. All sandwiches are side-dished by an herb salad.

For more of a “sit down, full meal” feel, peruse their hot plates. They are served with smashed potatoes and a salad and offer your choice of flank steak, grilled chicken, or grilled veggies and tofu.  Priced at $12.50.

To me, their “Grilled Goodness” items are most fun and tempting.  All these sandwiches are grilled and come out hot, gooey, and delicious-looking.  Get your classic grilled cheese or the French version, a Croque Monsieur with prosciutto and béchamel.  Appeal to the child in you and get a Pimento Grilled Cheese or a Hot PB&J (aptly named "Jessica Rabbit"), just like mom used to make – only hotter. And, if you’re still in a European mood after your Croque Monsieur, sample the "Madhatter", made of Nutella and Bananas – an unbelievable blend of the classic hazelnut spread and bananas and a little taste of cocoa!  Grilled Goodness items are $7.50.

Regardless of the healthy, fun choice you eventually select, you must try their signature slurp: “Rabbit Juice,” a blend of carrot (what else?) and apple juice for $3.50.  Or if you’re less carrot-inclined, go for their fresh lemonade or house-brewed sweet tea.  If the fall weather is too chilly for juice or tea, go for a daily soup to warm your bones.

Rabbit also serves beer and wine for dine-in customers.

Want dessert after so much leafy goodness? No problem.  They proudly serve Red Velvet cupcakes, located next door.

And for those who choose to not hop on over to their Clarendon location, they will deliver to you from 11am-3pm.

Rabbit Salad & Grill is at 3035 Clarendon Blvd. http://www.rabbitsaladandgrill.com/site/

jane May 08, 2012 at 07:40 PM
To: the owner: I thoroughly enjoy The Rabbit fare. However, I just ordered the salad nicoise, wherein the chef super-over-salted the tuna. This was not appreciated. Please could this be amended so it not be returned if ordered again.
Hank Street March 17, 2013 at 04:57 PM
Rabbit and Red Velvet are closed. I was walking by there this morning (March 17), and there is paper over the windows and a small sign saying that some kind of sausage place will open in that space. It's a shame. Hank Street


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