Irelands Four Courts - At Least Top 3 for Irish Pubs

Ireland's Four Courts is the quintessential Irish Pub. It's up to you to decide exactly how highly it rates.

When I typed “Irish Pubs” in to a search engine, Irelands Four Courts was the third result to show up. With their weekly special events, dark pub atmosphere and beer-drinking clientele, it’s no surprise that Four Courts is the number three researched Irish Pub.

Local music acts, Irish musicians, and sports games fill the space with noise on the average night. However, there aren’t too many “average” nights at a spot that hosts as many special events as Irelands Four Courts.

Open Mike night on Tuesdays mean the music in your ears will be varied and fresh. Every Sunday night, the noise flooding the restaurant is the singing voices of patrons, (some more “fresh” than others). Karaoke begins at 9 p.m. and, in addition to free entertainment, includes specials on drinks and food. The real money maker, however, is on Mondays. Pub quiz takes place at 7:30 p.m. and four teams take home gift certificates as prizes.  

The lighting in the pub leaves much to be desired…by those who enjoy seeing their food. The lighting leaves nothing to be desired by those who are looking for their Irish pub to be as traditional as possible. The dim lighting is great for the joint’s authenticity and also helpful for those who would prefer not to know what the person whose number they just jotted down really looks like up close.

Whether or not you are in the dark, a beer is a beer and that’s what most people come to Irelands Four Courts seeking. A good beer enjoyed with good people, (as their fun-loving regulars often are), is tough to beat and is ultimately the big draw of this pub.

With the appeal of the place being more focused on beer, music, and sports, and less on ambiance or food, it actually is a surprise that Irelands Four Courts is the third search result for keywords “Irish Pub." This large watering hole and restaurant is number one in its ability to exemplify the true meaning of those words. 


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