Bada Bing Food Truck Brings New York Flavor to Arlington

Influenced by some New York food favorites, Bada Bing Hospitality creates spiedies, Philly cheesesteaks and more as part of its mobile food truck.

Bada Bing’s main attractions are the creation of executive chef/owner/co-founder Nicholas Terzella. Terzella grew up in upstate New York, attended culinary school in Vermont and worked in restaurants in California and Florida before becoming a private chef. During his time in the Washington, D.C., area, he has introduced area residents to some of his favorite childhood foods, including spiedies.

Spiedies, which are popular in central New York state, are made from a variety of meats (usually pork, chicken or lamb) and are marinated in a blend of herbs and spices and cooked over an open flame, according to the Bada Bing website. In addition to gourmet spiedie sandwiches, Bada Bing also serves up Philly cheesesteaks, spiedie salads and other salads. Side items change weekly and are made with fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.

Bada Bing generally pays a visit to Ballston on Thursdays, with an occasional appearance on Mondays.

Venus Yague, director of marketing and public relations for Bada Bing Hospitality, LLC, answered Patch’s questions about the success of Bada Bing and its future plans.

What is your most popular menu item? “The most popular menu item is the Bing (#1) as a sangweech or a salad. The Bing is fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil aioli, topped with our grilled chicken spiedies. As a salad, it is served over fresh spring greens and in an amoroso roll for the sangweech.”

How has Bada Bing survived the sweltering summer heat? “With a lot of smoothies, a good attitude and a sense of humor. It has been tough, but we enjoy bringing our food to our fans in Arlington.”

How has business been since the truck got its start? “Business has been great due to our great loyal customers. Our fans make it fun, and we enjoy seeing our regulars, along with new faces.”

Does Bada Bing have anything planned for the near future that you’d like to share with Patch visitors? “We are always working on new menu items, such as gourmet sides and future feature-of-the-day sangweeches.”

What else should Arlingtonians know about Bada Bing? “We do private catering, office parties and events.”

Where to Find Bada Bing

For more information on Bada Bing, including its scheduled location stops, visit its website, Twitter or Facebook.

Editor's note: This story had stated incorrectly that Bada Bing was nominated for a Food Network competition.

Kevin August 26, 2011 at 01:55 PM
I've pretty much worked my way through the Bada Bing menu and have settled on the #1 as either a sangweech or a salad. You can't go wrong! As for sides, the salt potatoes bring back happy memories of my own Upstate youth and the creative Terzella-take on other sides is always exciting! If you haven't bing'd you're missing out!


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